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Change the NZ Flag

This is the site of the NZFlag.com Trust - a Trust established to promote debate about New Zealand's national identity and, in particular, about New Zealand's flag. We believe that the time has come for New Zealanders to choose a flag which represents New Zealanders as we see ourselves today - to respect and reflect our history as a nation, to represent us to others as we would we would like them to see us and, importantly, to carry us forward with our hopes and aspirations for New Zealand's future.

Why Change?

Graham Mourie, MBE, Former All Black Captain
Flags have always been symbols, rallying points for those who believe in and are committed to the ideals and aspirations which they represent. There is no doubt in my mind that a distinctively New Zealand flag is long overdue. It would be a clear statement of where, who and what we are in an increasingly homogenised world. I cringe when I see our current flag drawing us back to our northern hemisphere past, linking us to a colonial era long gone, its similarity to that of our colonial cousins denying us the opportunity to stretch out and be ourselves. Interestingly when Shona and I decided to name our children after looking at the heritage we carried with us, Scots, Italian, English, Danish, possibly a bit of Spain and North Africa as well we made the decision to go Kiwi. We now have a Kohia (native passion vine) Rewa (float or Rewa-rewa, native honeysuckle) and a Tai and Moana (twins- coastal waters/surf and lake/sea respectively). Good luck with the change, it's a no brainer really and in my mind has nothing to do with republicanism or any other issue, it's just good common sense.

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It's time to change our flag

This site is intended to stimulate debate about the New Zealand Flag. We want all New Zealanders to ask whether the current flag represents our country as we see ourselves today? Can we improve it? Does it portray the image we want to give of New Zealand internationally? Most importantly, does it inspire us?

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